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Our Background

Corbyn's Academy was started to raise funds for our annual Christmas service project. Every year we find a family or a few families that are in need and we provide Christmas for them. Usually one of the families has a son that is the same age as Corbyn so in a small way we feel, for a minute, that we are buying Christmas for Corbyn. Corbyn's death has taken us down a health and healing journey that we never knew existed until after he died. Our journey has been such a blessing by healing us mentally, spiritually and physically. For years-we have wracked our brains on what we could do to incorporate the journey that Corbyn has lead us down into our service that we do to thank all of our generous donors that help make our Corbyn's Christmas possible every year. We have finally found it! We want to gift the knowledge and skills that we have learned and are still learning to bring light, life and healing to everyone that wants it. All while only asking for a small donation in return. We wanted to provide this endless knowledge so it was affordable to everyone! We want to empower you to live a life full of the light and happiness just as Corbyn exuded the short 411 days he was on this earth and allow you to do it with confidence with the skills that you learn here! Welcome and thank you for your support and donations!

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